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The textile production is growing and has great potential also in Germany. We as a business have set the course to ensure this and need you in order for our textile tradition - since 1882 - to continue into the future. Please apply! We do not only evaluate according to grades - you yourself are important to us!

The apprenticeship plays an important role with us. The next generation is mainly established from company educated trainees. We offer 8-10 training positions yearly.



We offer:

  • training allowance according to industry level agreement
  • holiday- and Christmas bonus
  • coverage of learning materials and transport costs
  • holidays exceeding the statutory requirements
  • works council with youth and apprentice representatives
  • good working climate in a family business
  • regular apprentice trips to other textile companies
  • with good performance during your apprenticeship there is an honest chance for transfer to a permanent position

I am Nicol Lange.
For questions please do not hesitate to contact me any time!
Phone: +49 (0) 3771 500-0

By the way: are you still a student and interested in doing a traineeship or holiday job at Curt Bauer GmbH? Please apply with this format!