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You are looking for textile solutions? We would like to be of assistance. Our service for you:

  • In-house development and design.
  • Our modern Jacquard weaving mill offers highest flexibility, technical know-how and a high quality standard.
  • Standard width of 140-310 cm covers a broad range.
  • With our finishing department we can offer the finished product as yard goods, no matter if it should be hydrophobic, flame-retardant or especially soft.
  • We develop the product together with you according to your requests, which will always be handled confidentially.

Special Features

  • The installed machine technology allows production of single and multiple weaves, i.e. the Jacquard machines can weave ducts into the textile. This way subsequent complex manufacture processes can be eliminated. In addition, a wide range of woven names, logos, emblems etc. can easily be done.
  • Our high-performance finishing department is able to offer many possible processes in order to achieve an exceptional final quality of the textile.
  • It is customary to deliver the manufactured goods by roll. If required, it is also possible to deliver cut lengths. In that case, hard edges are created after cutting in order to prevent fraying of the textile.


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