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Weaving since 1882

For more than 135 years Curt Bauer has been designing, producing and distributing sophisticated textiles. We are using the latest Jacquard weaving machines and electronically operated finishing facilities, and operate from our home location Aue-Bad Schlema in the ore mountains - a centre of textile traditions, into the world.

"This embodies homeland!" has been confidently stated for many years. We imply reliability, passion for our trade, and consistency with which we work. These values are becoming even more important in current times. Values which are present in each woven yarn of the brand CURT BAUER.

Why we weave?

Textiles, especially the aesthetic feel of a damask, trigger positive emotions in us. To know that our craft - and it being made in Germany - can convey this, is reason enough for us to continue our legacy.

In 1882, a businessman from Berlin acquired the weaving mill which had been in existence in Aue since 1867. Management was delegated to Alwin Bauer. In face of historical incidents, each generation of the family Bauer has been introducing new cultural inspirations to the family business. Only this way we were able to keep our principles and quality standards throughout the years.